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How does identity protection work?

When you purchase Allstate Identity Protection, you're helping protect yourself from the financial and emotional burden identity theft can cause. Allstate Identity Protection not only provides restoration services if identity theft occurs, it also helps you understand your digital footprint and monitor identity theft risk.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft typically occurs when someone uses your personal information to commit a crime or fraud in your name. With more advanced forms of identity theft, such as synthetic identity fraud, thieves may combine real and fake personal information to create a new identity. Fraud or theft can go undiscovered for years and may result in financial loss, long-lasting damage to your credit, and hours of time spent resolving the issue.

How does the Allstate Digital Footprint work?

The Digital Footprint shows you the accounts you have — even the ones you may have forgotten about. Allstate's proprietary technology regularly scans thousands of breached accounts in order to notify you of any known data breaches that may affect you. You'll also get suggestions on how to take action.

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